Music Alive!

Music AliveFollowed by a tremendous amount of work, effort, and rehearsals, we finally got to our endmost goal of performing at the mighty music alive! In the Vellore Woods Public School gym, our three bands (Performance, Intermediate, and Junior) put in our best shot and we hooked in and captivated our audience and our critic with music! So here’s how it all unfolded…

It commenced with us preparing and rehearsing prior to the big show. We were ready than ever, with each one of us being confident in ourselves followed by our months of practice. And then faster than a bullet came our time to shine. Parents attended and our recurring critic entered the locus. Let’s just say that we may have been a tad bit anxious for what was to come. So as each band member readied to hopefully impress the audience, we took a deep breath and we started our performance off with a BANG!

First came the Performance Band with their great mini-speech and their selections. Then came Intermediate, and then there was Junior. Each Band had their own exclusive strengths, and minor and hardly-noticeable weaknesses. And briskly after each of our speeches, we broke into our compositions!

Let’s just say, we caught the critic and the parents’ attention! Each song was well-prepared and masterfully directed by our amazing and passionate teacher, Mrs. Weller. All of us were amazed at how well each of our songs transpired, and so was the audience.

It was going surprisingly great! And so after a while, each of our Bands concluded their performance. A few of critic’s suggestions ensued (as usual), but he was immensely impressed for the most part! It was a magnificent accomplishment we achieved together!

Then long after our staging, came out the results at the end of the school day. Every band member was once again called back in the gym to be informed that our critic responded with our results.

Our teeth were chattering and our hair was being raised. It was truly a moment to behold. And briefly after, it was revealed that out of: Bronze, Silver, Silver+, and Gold, the Performance Band got an impressive Silver+, the Intermediate received a staggering and elusive Gold, and the Junior Band obtaining a Gold for a second straight year! The gym cheered in honor, triumph, and relief hearing this news. We truly redeemed ourselves, and we were proud to announce that our bands were spectacular and exceptional!

What we enjoyed:

Really, Music Alive was a very enjoyable experience as a whole and it taught and helped us to interact with other students in the other bands. Plus, it was great getting to perform our compositions we worked hard on in front of a semi-large audience! And to hear that we performed exceptionally well was truly an honor!

What we didn’t enjoy:

In all honesty, not enjoying Music Alive as a whole is perplexing. So as for us, the only thing we didn’t enjoy was the tiring wait and being nervous regarding the upcoming presentation. But this is very minor.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooo musical wolves! 🙂

(Written by: Farhaan A., grade 7 bassisti)

Spring has Sprung…

Springtime brings about a new buzz as the weather warms up and the sun shines regularly. With the winter season now behind us, it is time for students to find any missing items that may be hiding in our lost and found bins. Please remind your children to have a look… all remaining items will be donated to a York Region charity at the end of the school year.

May is a busy and exciting month as we look forward to many activities such as: Book Fair, Grade 3 & 6 EQAO testing, Mental Health Week activities, Intermediate Badminton, Track and Field (gr 4-8), excursions, Arts Night – all in support of students’ achievement and well being.

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